6 Vocabulary Games Your Students Won’t Want to Stop Playing

Reviewing vocabulary doesn’t have to be a painful experience. My middle school students know it and yours can also have fun, play games and learn new words in a blink of an eye.

What’s my secret?

I use vocabulary games that the students adore, are easy to set up and extremely efficient. Here are my power vocabulary games that work all the time.

  1. Scavenger hunt – I start with 5 task cards and increase the number up to 25 cards.
  2. Egg Hunt Game – During springtime, I use plastic colorful eggs and hide the cards in them. So much fun finding the eggs and solving the tasks!
  3. What’s the Story? Quest – I combine word task cards with a writing experience. It’s a win-win situation.
  4. Jenga Hunt – I have a set of Jenga block just sitting in my class and not used very much. So I challenge them to a competition. Every student who gets right an answer can remove a block.
  5. Building Blocks – I have used large plastic blocks, wooden blocks, Lego blocks, whatever I have in class. A correct answer means the student gets to place a number of blocks in the construction.
  6. Board Game – I love board games! We use them in groups or as a class. They are so much fun and the students practice vocabulary in the best way possible. Here is one board game that I love using with my task cards.

Do you want to play these games with your class? Excellent! I have put together an easy to use WORD BANK HUNT 6-in-1 vocabulary games pack with templates for all these 6 games and 180 task cards. The words used in the task cards are selected from middle school word banks.

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