The Message You Need to Read if You Are a Teacher with a Capital T

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Teacher-Friend,

This week is such a special one. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. A time in the year when you should feel appreciated by students, parents and peers.

But sometimes, I feel (maybe you feel the same) that whatever I do, it is never enough. The burnout is so real. The struggle to keep up simply makes you just want to quit.

Hang on for a second! Don’t give up just yet, because what you do is extremely important. Pause all the Teacher Appreciation Week Hype and listen for a second!

You don’t just teach ELA or maths or arts or science. You shape the future. The future minds, hearts and lives of the people who will walk on this planet. And this is the one important mission that only our job has.

Maybe you look at the other professions thinking ‘I wish I were a doctor saving lives!’, ‘I wish I were a politician influencing the future of our country!, ‘I wish I were anything, but a teacher, to achieve great things!’.

Don’t be misled by these thoughts. Every single moment you enter the classroom you save lives, you influence the future of our country, you achieve greatness. Because there couldn’t be doctors, politicians, engineers, rocket scientists, plumbers, painters, guides, there couldn’t be any other profession without teachers.

So this week, when you look in the mirror and get ready to go to school, remember this, you have the most important job in the world! And it’s not about the money, it’s not about the worldly mirage of power, it’s not even about the appreciation, it is all about building the future. And we are doing this is in our classes every day. Every. Single. Day.

Happy Appreciation Week, dear Teacher (with a capital T)!

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