Are Your September Lesson Plans Boring? Spice Them Up!

september activities

As September rolls in, I wanted to provide you with a curated list of fantastic resources that can add a touch of creativity and engagement to your English classes. Whether you’re teaching in-person or online, these September activities are sure to inspire your students. Let’s dive right in!

? Labor Day – It’s the first Monday in September, a great moment to celebrate with friends and family a long weekend and also think about the importance of work ethic in our society.

? Charity Day – It’s on September 5th and you can use this celebration to promote kindness and charity in your class. You can even start a Kindness Journal for 30 days to continue harvesting the spirit of this day.

? September Emergency Sub Plans – This resource is going to be a life saver when you are out of the class. Your sub will surely thank you and the students are going to be working and improving their skills.

? Hispanic Heritage Month Activities – Starting on September 15th, this celebration is the perfect time to acknowledge the legacy of Hispanic People. You can bring every day in front of your students important Hispanic people who have changed the world for the better and inspire them to follow their example.

? Fall Activities – You can feel fall creeping inside your class and all around it. Use this opportunity to work on your students’ skills with thematic units and fun activities. Things will get cozy inside your class and your students will feel comfortable and welcomed.

? National Pancake Day – It’s on September 26th and it is an excellent opportunity to have fun while teaching textual evidence. Bonus tip: make some pancakes with your students. It’s a fun and bonding experience.

? Podcast Day – It’s on September 30th and you can celebrate it by listening to engaging podcasts for students and using a choice board to analyze and understand them. They can even record a mini-podcast on a topic they are interested in.

Remember, flexibility is key in education. Feel free to adapt these resources to suit your students’ needs and your teaching style. We hope these ideas will help you make September a memorable and productive month in your English classes.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Wishing you a fantastic start to the school year, and may your passion for teaching continue to inspire your students.

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