Bell Ringers: How To Make Your Students Work from Minute 1?

Do you want to know the secret of good classroom management? Getting your students to work from the first moment they enter your class with engaging bell ringers for middle school.

‘Now stop!’, you might say. ‘It is impossible to get the students to work from minute one. It takes me 10 minutes to settle them down and get their attention somehow.’

I had the exact same problem in my class until I realized that things should not be that difficult. I discovered a powerful classroom management tool that helps students work on their English skills from the first minutes in my class – THE BELL RINGER. (Does it ring a bell to you?)

So what’s a bell ringer for middle school like?

It is a short activity usually between 5-10 minutes that students will do right at the beginning of the class. The daily bell ringers for middle school are already prepared on their desk or online and they start working from the moment they sit at their own desk.

What types of ELAR & SEL bell ringers do I use?

There are so many types of fun bell ringers, but you have to choose the ones who are useful for your class. Remember that this work is not only to keep them busy, but also to practice their skills. Many teachers prefer a mix of fun bell ringers, so they will alternate them as the year goes by. I prefer the same and this is why I alternate ELAR and SEL warm-ups throughout the school year.

The English bell ringers I use the most are journal prompts, mentor sentences, correct the mistake, word of the day, reading comprehension, discussion, daily language, independent reading, daily check in, podcasts, root words, picture prompts. At first, you can start with whatever you feel comfortable and move on and diversify the bell ringers activities you offer.

Should I grade the ELA bell ringers work?

This is totally up to you. Some teachers grade the grammar bell ringers, while others don’t. You need to find what works for your class and what gets the job done. Personally I give a grade for getting them done. This approach motivates the students to be consistent and do their job.

Where can I find ELA bell ringers for middle school pdf that is both useful and fun?

You can simply browse online for already made bell ringers packs or you can create your own. You can also test for free some of my favorite ELAR & SEL bell ringers and see how things work for your class.

When is the best time to begin the fun bell ringers questions routine?

The best time to introduce these warm-ups is NOW. Don’t worry if you’ve started the new school year without this routine. It is easy to implement and you’ll see the benefits as you begin to use a daily bell ringer.

If you do not know where to start, but want to introduce bell ringers in your class, I’ll share with you for FREE 3 weeks of bell ringers for middle school I use this year. The worksheets cover the theme of motivation and they are excellent for the back to school season.

Click on the picture below to get the FREE 3 weeks of ELAR & SEL bell ringers for middle school!

Spoiler alert: You can get almost ONE YEAR of free bell ringers. Find out how inside this freebie!

Do you use ELA bell ringers for middle school in your class? Share below about your experience!

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