Blooming Activities for Amazing ELA Classes This April

April is the month of blooming. Just like me, maybe you are also thinking about the ways in which you can get your students engaged and develop their skills in your ELA class after you come back from the break. If you are looking to put together an efficient April monthly planner for your middle school ELA class, you are in the right place.

If you are like me, you love to have things planned out for every month in advance. However, life sometimes gets in the way and sometimes I do things at the spur of the moment. Having a pack of fresh ideas right at my finger tips helps me every single time.  

So, even if you are a planner or a last-minuter, I want to share with you some plug and play resources that will make this April memorable for your students.

Stick with me because at the end I have a little surprise for you! Let’s dive into some resources that will make your class simply amazing.

BELL RINGERS (make your students work from the first minute)

✨ April Bell Ringers ELA – Holiday of the Day Morning Work Prompts Warmups

✨ Poet of the Day – National Poetry Month Writing Bell Ringers ELA Morning Work

READING (rediscover the pleasure of diving into articles, short stories, poems)

✨ The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde – Spring Short Story ELA Reading Activities

✨ Springtime Poem Lesson – Spring Night by Sara Teasdale Poetry Reading

WRITING (creative activities that your students will adore)

✨ Spring Blackout Poetry – Short Stories Activities with Poem Writing Templates

✨ Daily Quick Writes Spring Writing Prompts Morning Work

EMERGENCY SUB PLANS (be ready even if you have to be away from class)

✨ April Emergency Sub Plans Middle School Fun ELA Substitute Teacher Activities

✨ Spring Activities – Middle School Worksheets, Springtime ELA Emergency Sub Plans

SPECIAL HOLIDAYS (use every single opportunity to strengthen ELA skills) 

✨ April Fools’ Day

✨ Earth Day

✨ National Library Week

✨ National Poetry Month 

✨ Great North American Solar Eclipse

BUNDLE OF THE MONTH (huge discount for the entire month)

– 50% OFF April Activities, Fun ELA Worksheets, Bell Ringers, Sub Plans Bundle</a>

Before we all head towards this next month, I have one last gift for you. Are you ready?

Grab now the FREE ready to print April calendar with daily, weekly and monthly holidays and observances!

I print and use this calendar in my class and my students love to cross off the days as they go by. 

I hope you like the activities that I will use in my class this April. If you plan to use something interesting, hit the comment button below and tell me what.


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