Why I hate those sunny beach Facebook posts while I’m still in class

I am writing this blog post while looking at the cloudy sky outside and secretly scrolling through the Greece beaches pictures from a vacation themed Facebook group. Endless posts of sand and delicious food and scenic sunsets. (Don’t you just hate this whole social media thing sometimes?)

And I am here in front of my laptop working (again), thinking about tomorrow and what I can bring next to my students to kick them out of the end of the school boredom vibe. But dreaming about the feeling of relief that I will be feeling a month from now. (A WHOLE month!!! Too much if you ask me!)

Out of this situation of sheer despair (haha) and desire to make my day (and yours) a little better, this email was born. No. It’s not a get me out of here and save my soul desperate kind of email (well it might be), but it is something for you if …. 

  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with trying to fit in time for yourself and your goals while taking care of everyone else
  • You find yourself stretched thin, pouring your energy into everyone else’s needs only to find that, at the end of the day, you have no bandwidth left for your own needs
  • You’re on the edge of burnout from trying to be Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Friend, Chef, Chauffeur, Housekeeper, Entrepreneur, Star Employee, while also trying to find time to have fun and enjoy life

If you are in any of these categories (even if your summer vacation has begun or not), the Teacher Summer Challenge is exactly what you need. It is packed with positive activities to unwind during vacation or even before. And in order to make your day better (and mine as well) this challenge comes to you totally FREE. (Yuhuu!)

So download it now and if you like it drop me a comment and tell me how it all went. An amazing teacher, Kathy L., tried the challenge last summer and wrote me this:

I love the suggestions you have put on the different shells. I have done many of what you have listed since school ended for me in June. I am happy that you focused on teacher self care. We need to care for ourselves as much as we do for our students. Have a great summer. 

I was so happy to read her review and because I also want you to feel relaxed and taken care of, I invite you to join me in this fun summer challenge. Why? Because you deserve it! 

P.S.: If you have already finished school, I wish you the best vacation ever. If you are still in school like me these project ideas can save your sanity. Give them a go!

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