No Prep Christmas Activities for Distance and Face-to-Face Learning

It is the most wonderful time of the year, but as a teacher you may feel the burn-out effect and that tiring feeling that pops so close to the winter break. The students begin to feel the holidays approaching and they may act more disengaged than ever, especially if they are currently learning remotely.

Banish these feelings away and take advantage of these last days from this year with your students by engaging them in fun and inspiring activities that will give you all a fresh approach to school. It is a working break that you deserve most and the fun part is that it requires almost No Prep at all.

1. Christmas Elf Hunt

This activity is inspired by the Elf on the Shelf tradition and it requires the students to complete 10 different challenges to help the joyous Happy Elfy in his quest to find his buddies. The most popular activities are the Magic Mirror, Elvish Crossword, X-mas Trivia and of course the Mystery Word Search.

2. Christmas Story Writing

Stimulate your students into writing solid pieces of stories with the Christmas Story Writing prompts. You can use either the starters or the endings in order to offer an interesting frame for each of this story. What it’s great about this Christmas activity is that you do not need to prepare beforehand. You just grab the writing prompts and use them in class.

3. Narrative Picture Prompts – The Christmas Edition

Photos are an amazing way to find inspiration and this is why the narrative prompts inspired by pictures are so popular. It is so much fun to actually see the different way in which students interpret the photos and give them a whole new dimension.

4. The Resolution Jar

You can use this resource before or after the New Year Celebrations as it promotes a moment of looking into the past with gratitude and into the future with hope. You get 15 challenging activities that are the perfect way to stimulate and engage your students’ desire for a better life. Goal setting will come more naturally and a goal that is set will be followed through. The most loved activities are The Wishing Tree, New Year Scavenger Hunt, Fast New Year Planner and Words for the Future.

May you have an amazing winter break that will bring you comfort and joy and a New Year full with all the good things. You are a great teacher! Don’t you ever forget that!

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