3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Thanksgiving Activities for Your English Class

Being thankful is a skill that needs constant practice. Thanksgiving is one of the celebrations that I love the most because it is a reminder of how lucky we are to gather all together and be grateful for one another.

Before actually feasting with my own family, I have a whole week at school dedicated to Thanksgiving. Teaching my students the importance of gratitude is a quest in itself and a perfect way to work on their social emotional learning. With so many Thanksgiving activities out there, you might find it difficult to select the perfect one to use in your English class. I’ll share with you the 3 steps I use to find meaningful and inspiring ELA resources that match the needs of my class.

1. Variety

I make sure that I bring to class a wide variety of Thanksgiving activities. I include in my Thanksgiving unit paired reading texts: an article, a poem and a short story together with inspiring bell ringers and interesting writing prompts. The students will get a large palette of activities that go well with each of the texts that we read.

2. Freshness

Every year I strive to make sure that I bring something fresh to my class, those out-of-the-box Thanksgiving activities that make a difference. This year my students will create a gratitude tree, write a color palette poem and put together a holiday playlist.

3. Hands-on

Have you ever heard of a Gratitude Pizza? This is a simple way to take a food that students love and shape it into a learning experience. This SEL and writing activity gives students the opportunity to reflect on the people and things who have a positive impact in their lives and to realize that every single aspect should not be neglected.

Do you need more ideas of Thanksgiving activities? Click the picture below and get the best resources for your class.

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