20 Activities To Do Before Christmas Break in Your ELA Class

Ready to sleigh the last days before Christmas break? Get the scoop on some awesome activities that’ll turn your classroom into a winter wonderland of words and wonders. From festive writing fun to holiday literary escapades, let’s make this season extra merry and bright. Ready to spread the cheer? Join a talented community of teachers sharing their pre-winter break activities. It’s time to make your ELA lessons the highlight of your holiday countdown with these memorable 20 activities to do before Christmas break in ELA class!

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1. Writing prompts inspired by pictures – From stimulating descriptive writing to sparking imaginative narratives, these visual cues not only enhance their storytelling skills but also transform the classroom into an inspiring space where every image tells a thousand words.

2. Elf scavenger hunt – Watch as students embark on a language exploration, deciphering clues and solving language-based challenges. This interactive and festive activity not only adds a sprinkle of holiday magic but also transforms your classroom into an exciting language realm where elves and language skills collide.

3. Fun narrative prompts – From whimsical adventures to unexpected twists, these prompts not only make writing enjoyable but also empower students to explore the endless possibilities of their own narratives.

4. Tree ornaments for novels and short stories – Encourage students to craft unique decorations that capture the essence of their favorite literary works. It’s a delightful way to blend creativity and critical thinking, turning your classroom into a literary wonderland where every ornament tells a tale.

5. 12 days of Christmas – Each day holds a new writing adventure. Ignite creativity, foster a love for language, and make these 12 days leading up to Christmas unforgettable in your classroom!

Christmas activities

6. Poetry writing – Dive into a world of rhythm, rhyme, and creativity as students explore various poetic forms, from blackout poetry to haikus. Watch their imaginations soar as they craft verses that capture emotions, stories, and the magic of language.

7. Paired reading unit – This collaborative approach not only enhances comprehension and critical thinking but also fosters a shared love for literature. Unleash the power of paired reading, turning your classroom into a vibrant space where stories come to life through shared exploration!

8. Sell a gingerbread house – Challenge students to craft persuasive and descriptive pitches, honing their language skills as they present their unique gingerbread creations. It’s not just about gingerbread; it’s a delightful opportunity for students to showcase their ability to sell ideas and express themselves effectively.

9. Reading comprehension – This Christmas series invites students to unravel layers of meaning, strengthen analytical skills, and discover the joy of understanding texts deeply.

10. Sell a Christmas tree – This is a jolly opportunity for students to enhance their language skills while spreading holiday cheer. Watch your classroom transform into a merry tree marketplace of creativity and language arts excellence!

11. 2 sentence stories – From spine-tingling suspense to heartwarming tales, this creative exercise invites students to pack a punch in just two sentences.

12. Bingo game – Holiday-themed writing prompts or festive vocabulary challenges? Your students can enjoy a spirited and interactive bingo game approach to seasonal learning.

13. Digital trivia game – From historical tidbits to festive traditions, students will embark on a merry quest to test their knowledge of all things holiday-related.

14. Escape rooms – Immerse students in an interactive literary adventure where decoding texts and critical thinking become the keys to unlocking the mysteries within.

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15. Research project – Students will explore diverse cultures, traditions, and holiday festivities, turning research into a festive adventure. Your classroom will become a hub for multicultural exploration, making this Christmas season an educational and heartwarming celebration of diversity!

16. Christmas poems – From heartfelt verses to whimsical rhymes, students will embark on a poetic journey, reading expressions of holiday joy, warmth, and wonder. Explore famous poems like, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Christmas Rose, Little Tree, Christmas Carol, The Journey of the Magi or The Oxen.

17. Christmas short stories – Choose one of the short stories suggested here and let your students explore the enchanting world of holiday narratives, honing their reading skills and embracing the spirit of giving. You can go for A Kidnapped Santa Claus, The Little Match Girl, The Burglar’s Christmas, The Gift of the Magi, Christmas Every Day or Christmas at Red Butte.

18. Christmas tree craft – Encourage students to express their appreciation and create a festive tree adorned with heartfelt notes of gratitude.

19. Reading scavenger hunts – Let your students start exploring texts for hidden gems and essential textual elements. Turn your classroom into a dynamic space where the joy of reading meets the excitement of a scavenger hunt, making their skills come alive in every discovery.

20. Sell an ugly Christmas Sweater – Challenge students to unleash their persuasive powers as they create compelling pitches for the quirkiest, most festive knitwear.

As we wrap up our festive journey through these 20 engaging activities for your ELA class, it’s clear that learning can be both joyful and meaningful. From creative writing adventures to interactive games, these activities to do before Christmas break not only infuse the holiday spirit into your classroom but also enhance essential language arts skills.

As you bid farewell to the semester, may these activities bring warmth, laughter, and a sense of accomplishment to your ELA class. Wishing you and your students a well-deserved and joyous Christmas break filled with both relaxation and inspiration!

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Christmas freebie

Happy teaching! And join us for more tips, tricks and activities in the new year as well.

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