The Unique Argumentative Writing Group Game That Will Blow Up Your Class

Writing an argumentative essay can be a real challenge for students. Many times students find it difficult to understand how to write an argument, support their claims or craft a rebuttal. ARGUETROPIA, argumentative writing group game, is here to save the day!

Before getting down to writing that argumentative essay, start your students’ journey with ARGUETROPIA. It is a fun real life simulation of an imaginary city with reality inspired problems which the students have to solve in a competitive setting.

ARGUETROPIA is designed to be played with the entire class so no one is left behind. The students sharpen their argumentative and persuasion skills by finding solutions, writing arguments, constructing rebuttals and making motivated decisions.

How do you play it?

The students are split into 4 teams. Three of the teams are responsible for solving the problems presented on the task cards. One team decides which solution is the best for the city. The whole activity is packed with argument, rebuttal and motivation writing, offering a complete experience.

The teams receive an equal number of stars with the number of problem cards they will have to solve. If their solution is not voted by the Voters, they lose a star. If their solution is the voted one, they keep their current number of stars. The winner is the team that has the most stars after all problems are solved.

The game is easy to play and extremely flexible. You can choose from 20 possible problems and can fine tune the activity according to the needs of your students. The pack comes with ideas you can implement to modify the game in various manners.

ARGUETROPIA aids in cognitive and argumentative development in students. It increases the levels of engagement in class and it is an accessible tool for middle school and high school students.

Do you want to give it a go?

Over 200 teachers have already tried this engaging argumentative writing game and have reported amazing results. We gave away for free over 100 game packs and as we closed the promotional session, teachers wrote to us that they want more. So if you want to play ARGUETROPIA with your students in class today, we have a special discounted price only for you, our teacher friend.

Hurry up (because the game packs are selling like hot cakes) and get this engaging argumentative game now for your class!

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