8 April Fool’s Pranks Your Students Will Both Love and Hate You For Doing

Howdy, Prankster Teacher! Are you ready to play a prank on your students on April Fool’s? We have asked some of our teacher friends to give us their best ideas. And this is what we got! Are you ready for the pranks? Make the start of April a moment they won’t forget.

8. The never ending Google Form

Create a Google Form that loops like forever. Imagine the frustration on your students’ faces when they are sent over and over again to the beginning of the form. Just click on Go To Section 1 and you have the loop.

April Fool's

7. Not so First Chapter Friday

I know that many of you have a First Chapter Friday. What if instead of first chapter, you would read the last chapter. Now that must baffle them! Don’t forget! Pretend all the time that this is the first chapter, no matter what they say.

6. Word Search Puzzle With No Words

Just give them this word search (save image and print) and ask them to find as many words as possible. You can give them a random list of words or you can tell them that there is a secret message inside and they have to find them. Give them 5-10 minutes to do it! The trick is that there is no word in there.

April Fool's

5. The Brown E’s

Tell your students you baked some brownies for them. Instead of the delicious brownies, place in a casserole dish large letters E printed on brown paper. Watch their faces as you serve them.

4. Asteroid or Potato

Use NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day from 2020 to announce your students that there was discovered a new asteroid. See the whole story HERE!

April Fool's

3. Marshmallow Farming

Watch Marshmallow Farming YouTube video. Short answer response on Padlet about how a marshmallow shortage would influence s’mores business. Finally, click link which takes them directly to Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” video.

2. Flip the page

Print on both side of the page the following text: You are going to solve a very difficult exercise. Trust the process! You can do it. Follow the instructions without thinking. You have only 5 minutes. Ready, steady, go! For instructions flip the page!

Watch them flipping the page back and forward! :))

1. Chocolate Dipped Brussels sprouts

It’s easy. Take some Brussels sprouts, some wooden sticks and some melted chocolate. These chocolate pops will be a total hit. And their faces as well.

April Fool's

So which one are you doing on April Fool’s Day? Drop a comment below!

Happy April Fool’s Day! Don’t forget to smile. BTW…if you subscribe here, we’ll give you cookies. Just kidding! However, you’ll get more fun ideas like this one. 🙂

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