Fun October Activities For Engaging Classes

It’s October and outside things are getting cold and colorful! Let the cold stay there, but bring the color to your class with English learning activities your students will love.

The month of October is full of celebrations and you can take advantage of them to bring your students new activities which will make them work in your class. Check out this list till the end because I have a little surprise for you.

1.Hispanic Heritage Month

Started on September 15th, the Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated until October 15th. You still have plenty of time to include activities that celebrate the Hispanic community in your lessons. You may want to try paired texts by Hispanic writers, inspiring writing prompts, poetry writing, crafts and games.

2. Popcorn Month

For the ones that do not know, October is also known as the Popcorn Month. It is funny how this very popular snack has a month of its own. You can create a series of lessons around popcorn and I am sure your students will love the idea. You may even make a Popcorn Day and have loads of fun. One idea that I like a lot is writing palette color poetry on the theme of popcorn. Some wild ideas have popped to life out of this activity.

3. Fall Themed Activities

If in September you were kind of reluctant to go full speed with fall activities, October is the month in which you can do this. I introduce my students to short stories about fall, poems, informational texts, crafts and student challenges. They start to love this season and appreciate it. From appreciation bookmarks to quick writes and bell ringers, everything is autumn themed in October.

4. Halloween Activities

And of course, from this list it would have been impossible not to have Halloween activities. I use this celebration as a great opportunity to engage my students more in learning. Writing narratives or poetry, reading and analyzing short stories or poems, navigating through interesting crafts and informational texts, all of these come together around Halloween.

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